Knight for a Day is a thrilling time-travel adventure that exposes the scary realities of life at King Arthur's legendary court.

Young readers (8-11 year olds) identify with Henry and his hopes, fears and emotions, when Merlin's magic takes him back in time to Camelot in the year 533 AD.

The lifestyle, fashions, crafts, food, beliefs and superstitions of post-Roman Britain are described through 21st Century eyes with ironic humour, spiced up by quirky historical facts and intriguing details.

Knight for a Day is a modern boy's first hand account of one area in two eras: today and sub-Roman Britain. It adds a brand new myth with a unique and exciting twist to the established canon of Arthurian literature.
ISBN: 978-0-9926301-0-2
U.K. Publication 22nd October 2015